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American Bar Association - Interview with Jeff Merrifield about NRC Regulations Generally, Proposed Part 53 Regs Specifically:

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The Spotify Link is:|T0yCzRf1-GrNuA

Recommended Reading - Books

ENERGY by Richard Rhodes - A 400 year History of Energy from Wood to Nuclear

HOW TO AVOID CLIMATE DISASTER by Bill Gates - First part of book describes how to Analyze Climate Change

HOW THE WORLD REALLY WORKS by Vaclav Smil - Challenges to producing fossil-free Cement, Steel, Plastics, Ammonia

THE NEW MAP by Daniel Yergin - How Energy, Climate, and Geo-politics intertwine, now and in the Foreseeable Future

THE RISE OF NUCLEAR FEAR by Spencer Weart - History and explanation of how and why Perception of Nuclear is Different

CAMPAIGNING FOR CLEAN AIR by Meredith Angwin - Smorgasbord of Ways to be a Nuclear Activist

Suggested Reading - Articles

The Washington Post Article - "Who's Afraid of Elemental Power?
Fear of nuclear energy has made it harder to stand up to dictators and slow down global warming. Is it time for a rebrand?"

The Breakthrough Institute - The Boring Truth About Nuclear Waste
Matthew L. Wald



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