Services which NESI offers are in two main areas, namely individualized studies and advocacy.

There is a wide array of information available about the many facets of nuclear energy, some of which can be seen on, where NESI is partner. provides much of the ‘what’ and some of the ‘why’, whereas NESI can provide the ‘how’.  In other words, once a prospective client knows about a pertinent challenge, they may not know how to proceed, which is where NESI can be valuable. NESI can assist in developing client goals by customizing a study and/or proposing possible solutions.  Once the client has decided upon a course of action, NESI can assist in implementing the plan and can also represent the client in forums and legal proceedings to have the plan approved and the client’s goals realized.

Among other areas, NESI focuses on decommissioning and nuclear waste storage issues for nuclear power plants which are closing.

Regarding decommissioning, each closing nuclear power facility should have a process by which the physical plant is characterized through fact-gathering and input by qualified professionals. A plan should then be evolved which encompasses dismantling the reactor and cleaning up the site. The plan should then be analyzed within the context of the monies available in that facility’s decommissioning Trust Fund, and, if the funds are insufficient, that the shortfall be addressed.  There should also be a mechanism to monitor the clean-up process and the expenditure of funds.

With respect to nuclear waste storage, safeguards need to be implemented before, during, and after the decommissioning process, especially because of the changes in management which occur when a nuclear plant closes.  These safeguards include monitoring, and if necessary dealing with leaks, of highly radioactive canisters of nuclear waste, as well as assuring that there as adequate security and emergency response services for the decommissioned site.

Some of the services which NESI can provide include:

·         Consultation

·         Research

·         Reports

·         Position Papers

·         Representation of Stakeholders

·         Advocacy

·         Expert Witnesses

·         Zoning and Land Use Issues

·         Regulatory Matters

·         Appearance before governmental bodies

·         Mediation

·         TV and Video Presentations