There is a broad range of information about the various aspects of nuclear energy, some of which can be seen on, where NESI is a founder and partner. provides much of the ‘what’ and some of the ‘why’, whereas NESI can provide the ‘how’, which is furnishing individualized services for specific needs.  The types of services, which NESI provides fall into three major categories: Consultation, Media, and Advocacy.

A company or organization may know its product or service, but not necessarily how it fits into the industry, or how to formulate a campaign to promote a current or new product or service to be effective to a targeted audience.  NESI has many contacts in the nuclear sphere, does research, and then formulates a successful strategy, either independently or in conjunction with the client’s existing structure.

NESI has created and prepared content for varying forms of media including videos and podcast.  The content on (NETV) was largely prepared by NESI.  This includes extended series of video programming to special presentations of topical issues.  NESI can also chair and coordinate panels for special occasions and events.

Often it is preferable to have a competent, knowledgeable third party present the viewpoint of a company or organization.  NESI comes to the nuclear industry with a unique set of qualifications that can be advantageous to positively present a position to a generalized audience or a specific forum or governmental body.




  •          Consultation
  •          Research
  •          Studies
  •          Reports
  •          Position Papers
  •          Representation
  •          Advocacy
  •          Testifying as Expert Witness
  •          Liaising Between Public and Private Interests
  •          Obtaining Licenses and Permits
  •          Regulatory Matters
  •          Appearing before governmental bodies
  •          Mediation
  •          Creation of Media Content
  •          TV and Video Presentations

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