NESI can provide a broad variety of consultation services, such as demonstrating the role of nuclear energy in climate change, how advanced nuclear reactors are different from current reactors and why they could be a viable solution for an organization transitioning to fossil-free energy, and issues relating to siting and land use for current and future nuclear installation. NESI also has a syllabus on the subject of ‘Nuclear Law and Policy’, which it can present to companies, organizations, and educational institutions.


NESI has created and prepared content for varying forms of media, including videos and podcast.  A broad range of content about nuclear energy can be seen on (NETV), where NESI is co-founder and partner.  NESI has engaged prominent figures in the nuclear industry for interviews on NETV, as well as created a sponsored series of programs.  NESI can customize interviews for special occasions, media events, or product launches.  Clients can have their programming appear on NETV as well receive copies of the special programming for their own use.


Often it is preferable to have a competent, knowledgeable third party present the viewpoint of a company or organization.  NESI comes to the nuclear industry with a unique set of qualifications that can be advantageous to positively present a position to a general audience, specific forum or governmental body.




  •          Consultation
  •          Research
  •          Studies
  •          Reports
  •          Position Papers
  •          Representation
  •          Advocacy
  •          Testifying as Expert Witness
  •          Liaising Between Public and Private Interests
  •          Obtaining Licenses and Permits
  •          Regulatory Matters
  •          Appearing before governmental bodies
  •          Mediation
  •          Creation of Media Content
  •          TV and Video Presentations
  •          Promotion
  •          In House Programs

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